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Marie Osmond’s Plastic Surgery… what went wrong?!?!

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There’s no doubt about it… Marie Osmond definitely had some work done!

I know what you’re saying… “OMG! She looks like a cross between Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers!” And guess what, I agree!

  1. RHINOPLASTY: The very first thing I notice when I look at Marie is her nose! It’s eerily reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s in how small and pinched it looks. In my opinion, this rhinoplasty is a dead give away for a nosejob. Creating a subtle, natural change should always be the goal of rhinoplasty surgery so that the nose never looks out of place on someone’s face… like it does on Marie.
  2. LIP ENHANCEMENT: Marie’s over-filled and odd-shaped lips are the second thing that my eyes are drawn too. I’m hoping that she has a temporary product like Juvederm or Restylane in her lips so that it will dissolve quickly (4-6 months). Her bottom lip is far too large and puffy, and her top lip has a very unnatural shape to it. The goal of lip enhancement should not be larger lips. The goals should be to increase the amount of vermillion (the pink part of the lip) that is visible, to accentuate the cupid’s bow, to create the perfect ratio between the upper and lower lips, and to smooth out any wrinkles on the surface of the lip. When done correctly, lip enhancement can be incredibly natural and quite beautiful!
  3. FILLER INJECTIONS: Marie is starting to look a little putty face… kinda like Jocelyn Wildenstein and Mickey Rourke. Again, I hope she has a temporary product like Juvederm in her cheeks and smile lines so at least it will go away soon. Cheekbone enhancement is definitely one of my favorite procedures because it can produce such a wonderful change for women of just about any age… as long as it’s done carefully and correctly. I also love cheekbone enhancement because this is one area of the face where it’s usually possible to use a longer lasting filler such as Radiesse or Sculptra, which can last up to 2 years!
  4. EYE SURGERY: We’re all familiar with the sexy cat-eye look, but this is a little overboard! Marie probably had a blepharoplasty procedure (eyelid surgery) and a lateral canthopexy (surgery to lift the corner of the eye), both of which look overdone. As we age, the corners of our eyes naturally descend, and a lateral canthopexy can be a great way to rejuvenate the eyes as long as the surgeon is careful not to overtighten.
  5. BOTOX: It’s difficult to say for sure whether or not Marie has Botox in her After photo because of her hairstyle, but I would bet the ranch that she does! Out of all the work she had done, her Botox is the only procedure that gets a reasonable grade in my book.

The best plastic surgery doesn’t look like plastic surgery. When someone just looks better, but you don’t know exactly why, that’s the mark of quality procedures, and a quality plastic surgeon.

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