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JWoww Needs Some Work!

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We’re not talkin’ about the job kind of work! Jenny JWoww Farley gets $30K per episode of Jersey Shore, so she’s all set there.

She needs work as in she needs work done! Plastic surgery style…

All those beers are stacking themselves up on her upper arms, and they’re getting a little flabby… a little liposuction would do the trick here.

Her brow is getting really furrowed as well, and a little Botox would prevent those deep lines from becoming a permanent part of her face as she gets older. Our mothers always told us to stop making funny faces or they would freeze that way… well, if we freeze Jenny’s brow before she wrinkles it too many more times, we’ll keep those wrinkles from getting stuck like that 🙂

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Photo Credit: TMZ

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