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Heidi Montag Wants To “Downgrade” Her Breast Implants!

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According to HuffPo, Heidi Montag suddenly wants to downsize her breast implants!

This comes as somewhat of a surprise to all of us at HSPS since we’ve been following Heidi’s quest to become an “H” cup (“H is for Heidi”), and her transformation from blonde beauty to frozen “putty face”.

“I’m desperate to go back to normal life again”, says Heidi, ironically one week after the tragic death of her plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan. “I’m downgrading and going a little smaller, to a D or a DD.”

We’re not sure if she’ll live up to this statement, but we know one thing for sure… her new plastic surgeon has his work cut out for him!

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Heidi Montag, have you met Jordan Carver?

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Heidi Montag commented recently that she wanted to swap out her DDD breast implants for a size that would give her an “H” cup… because “H is for Heidi”!

Well, Heidi, here’s what an H looks like… HH to be exact!

Meet Bavarian internet sensation Jordan Carver. Jordan’s “natural” 32HH breasts were featured on TheSmokingJacket.com for being all the rage in Europe, especially in London where “British men are boob-crazy!”, says Jordan.

If you’re a believer in the fact that giant breasts (or breast implants) eventually cause giant problems, you’re probably thinking that Jordan is even worse off than Heidi… but you’d be wrong 🙂 If Jordan’s claims that her 32HH’s are real, then Heidi is definitely in for more trouble even though she’s only a DDD.

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