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Wanna look less “creepy”? Try the 3 F’s of Facial Rejuvenation: Facelift, Fat and Fillers!

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Perez Hilton has a couple great photo galleries on his site called the “Creepiest Men/Women of Hollywood”, and these two characters stood out from the bunch as being ultra creepy 🙂

Are they the creepiest in Hollywood? Probably not, but that doesn’t make it any easier to take your eyes off them!

The both have the ultimate example of what happens to all of us as we get older… volume loss in the face. Most of us don’t lose volume to this extreme (Christopher’s face is almost falling off!), but we all lose it. We spend our lives dieting and sweating away our fat, and then all of a sudden we wish we had some extra to make our faces look young again.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could take some fat from a place that we have too much and put it in a place where we don’t have enough? And if we could get rid of those sunken cheeks, hanging jowls, and turkey necks?

There is! With the 3 F’s of Facial Rejuvenation… Facelift, Fat Injections, Fillers

Keep reading to find out how we can make the creepiest couple in Hollywood look young again!

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Real Housewife Caroline Manzo Needs a Post-Weight Loss Makeover!

caroline manzo plastic surgery, caroline manzo weight loss, brow lift, tip rhinoplasty, neck lift, facelift, blepharoplasty, MAS, Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery, celebrity plastic surgery, celebrity plastic surgeon


New Jersey Housewife, and head of the household, Caroline Manzo looks great after losing 20lbs recently! She’s following her husband’s lead (he also lost a ton of weight), and now they’re both looking healthier and happier than ever before!

Now that she’s conquering the weight, we think she should take it to the next level and get a plastic surgery makeover!

Keep Reading to find out how Caroline could take 10 years off with a Manzo Makeover!

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Why doesn’t Mario Lopez ever get old?

saved by the bell, mario lopez plastic surgery, mario lopez looks young, celebrity cosmetic surgery, celebrity plastic surgery

Mario “AC Slater” Lopez looks almost exactly the same as he did back in the days of Saved By The Bell over 20 years ago!

What gives? Has he had plastic surgery?

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Real Housewife Jill Zarin… 20 Years Older

Jill Zarin, The Real Housewives of New York City, aging, wrinkles, facelift


New York Housewife Jill Zarin is always soooo put together, isn’t she? Sometimes we just want to give her a good old-fashioned noogie to mess up her blown-out hair, or put a piece of spinach in her pearly white veneers, or make her cry so she smudges her perfect cat-eye makeup 🙂

Since we would never actually do any of those things, let’s take advantage of a very cool website called In20years.com to find out what Jill will look like… in 20 years! She might not look so perfect… or will she?

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The 5 Surgeries that kept Daisy Fuentes looking so young!

Daisy Fuentes, beauty, celebrities, entertainment, facelift, botox


Former MTV VJ turned model, Daisy Fuentes, looked gorgeous at a recent event in Miami, but here’s the kicker… she looks just as good as she did 16 years ago!

Great genes?  Or great plastic surgeons?

We think it’s a combination of both… genetics and cosmetic surgery. Nothing, including plastic surgery, works better than good genes to keep you young, and the combination of both is the best of all!

The 5 Procedures That Kept Daisy Looking Beautiful

1.  Facelift ($25,000)

Daisy’s neck and jawline are just as defined at 43 as they were when she was 27, and her face is still full in all the right places! The only way this is possible after 16 years of battling Father Time, is with a little help from her friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon.  Her facelift looks exactly how it should… nothing is pulled too tight, and she really looks like a refreshed version of herself rather than like a different person. Kudos to her surgeon for a job very well done.

2.  Blepharoplasty ($4,000)

As we age, the outside corners of our eyes tend to drift downwards (along with everything else!). You can see very clearly that Daisy’s eye still have that youthful appearance where the outer corners haven’t dropped at all. If anything, they are actually a little higher! Unfortunately, nature never makes anything go up, so we’re pretty confident that Daisy has had her eyes done 🙂

3.  Brow Lift ($4,000)

Daisy’s brows are perfect for her face, and their shape makes her look energetic, young, and inviting. The dead giveaway to a brow lift procedure is the fact that her outer brows are just a bit higher in her “after” picture, and once again, since Mother Nature and Father Time are never kind enough to make things go up, she must have had some help on this one too.

4.  Rhinoplasty ($8,000)

Daisy’s nose is slightly more narrow at the tip, which leads us to believe that she has had a tip rhinoplasty (nosejob) at some point.  While this isn’t a major contributor to her youthful look, the subtle improvement definitely adds to her overall beauty.

5.  Botox and Filler Injections ($1,200)

Even at 43 years young, there’s not a single line on Daisy’s forehead or around her mouth! A little Botox in the brow and around the corners of the eyes, and a little Juvederm in the “parentheses” around her lips, must have done the trick.

So, is $42,200 worth it to stay young?  We think so… she looks fantastic!

What do you think?

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Photo Credit: TMZ

NOTICE: None of the celebrities or individuals discussed here have ever received treatment, surgery, medical advice, or evaluations from any author, physician, surgeon, or representative of this blog. All images and photos in this article represent models only. No actual patients or clients are shown.


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Did Christie Brinkley Have a Facelift?

Christie Brinkley : facelift : neck lift : botox : juvederm


Wouldn’t you love to be Christie Brinkley? She’s been 38 for the past 20 years!

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Shawn Southwick-King’s Fab Face… Larry’s reason for putting a hold on the divorce?

Larry King’s lawyer recently announced that the divorce proceedings with his 7th wife, Shawn Southwick-King, are “on hold” as the couple may be working through their issues. Could one of those “issues” be that Shawn looks fantastic for 50?!?

Larry King's Wife : Shawn King : Celebrity cosmetic surgery : facelift


Her skin is flawless, she’s got gorgeous high cheekbones, a blinding white smile, and a better neck and jawline than a 28 year old! Has she had work done?  Probably. Her well-defined jaw and slender sexy neck aren’t that common in women her age, at least not to this amazing extent. Another clue to the possibility of plastic surgery is her heart-shaped face with plenty of volume in the cheekbone area. As we age, the fullness in this area gradually settles and sags, and our faces become more square. Shawn still has the shape and volume that you normally see in much younger women.

If she had a facelift, good for her… she looks amazing!  And her surgeon did a fantastic job.  She looks very natural, and quite beautiful. If she didn’t, she’s a genetic freak that we should all be jealous of 🙂

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