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Did Taylor Swift have plastic surgery before the 2010 VMA’s?

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Taylor Swift is growing up awfully fast!

Take a look at her knockout look at the 2010 VMA’s compared to her sweet country girl look a few years back. There’s no question that she looks different, but how much of that difference is due to plastic surgery?

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Is Taylor Swift “Retro” or “OH-NO” in this polka dot bikini?

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Taylor Swift was seen rockin’ this retro (or Oh-No!) bikini recently!

We hope she’s not planning on wearing this to the beach today for the 4th… if it’s retro, it’s just a little too much… like back from the day of the granny panty 🙂

Maybe Taylor got nervous about pulling a Miley!

Or maybe she forgot to take a bikini lesson from George Clooney’s girlfriend

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Photo Credit: TMZ

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