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Does Sandy Need a Nosejob?

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Have you ever wondered whether Sandra Bullock should take care of that cute little cleft in her nose? Go ahead, admit it… we wonder the same thing.  We hope she never changes it because her nose is such a part of who she is, but if she wanted to, check out this great article on what she could do about it.  Click here to learn about the new “Liquid Rhinoplasty” procedure!

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Sandra Bullock… 45 and Fabulous!

Sandra Bullock looks incredible lately, and it’s such a shame that she’s had to go through all the bad stuff in her relationship.  Too bad for you Jesse, because she looks fabulous for 45!

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She looks almost as young as she did in 2004, and there’s no question that she looks like a refreshed version of her 2007-self. She looks so good in fact, that it begs the question, “What has she had done?”.

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