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Does Rachel Bilson Need Breast Implants?

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Rachel Bilson is a beautiful petite girl, but she doesn’t have perfect proportions. This is where a little plastic surgery could go a very long way!

Notice that she doesn’t have the tiniest waist in the world, and even though she’s petite, she still has hips. Her hips are pretty much the first thing you notice about her in this pic, and that’s not because she’s “hippy”. It’s because her chest is so small.

She’s got plenty of curve on the bottom, but none on the top. A pair of moderate profile silicone implants in the range of 300-339cc would give Rachel a nice natural C-cup breast, and balance out her body to create better symmetry and proportion. Breast implants would make her waist appear smaller and give the illusion that she lost a few pounds!

Plus, they would make it a lot easier for her to keep that strapless bikini up 🙂  No more fashion tape!

Check out The Breast Blaug for more information on picking the perfect size breast implants!

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