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Is Kendall Kardashian Too Young to Model?

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There’s no doubt about it… Kendall (Jenner) Kardashian is another gorgeous specimen from the knockout Kardashian gene pool (even though she’s not actually from that pool– she’s from the Jenner side of the family). And there’s also no question that this a beautiful photo.

The “thing that makes you go hmmm…” though (other than the fact that Kendall doesn’t have the world-famous Kardashi-ass) is that she is only 14 years old! She can’t even drive herself to school, but she can be super seductive in her barely-there bikini for this modeling shoot.

A few years ago, we watched the numbers on the scale drop dangerously low for runway models. Now we’re watching their ages drop lower and lower too. Hmmm…

What do you think about Kendall’s early start in modeling?

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