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No “Moore” Plastic Surgery for Demi?

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47-year old Demi Moore is so proud of her “surgery-free” bikini bod that she snapped some shots of herself and tweeted them to the world 🙂

Now, we know she’s definitely a little attention-starved, but we have to say that she looks damn good for 47! There’s no question about that.

There is a question about her claims that she looks this good without surgery though. Demi is a genetic freak of nature, but we think she’s had some help looking this good.

We know for a fact that she used to have fairly large breast implants (remember the days of GI Jane and Striptease?), so at the very least she’s had those downsized and a breast lift.

We can say for sure what else she’s had done, but here are our guesses:

  1. Breast implants– click here
  2. Breast implant downsizing– click here
  3. Breast lift– click here
  4. Lateral thigh liposuction– click here
  5. Botox– click here
  6. Juvederm injections– click here
  7. Laser skin resurfacing– click here
  8. Mini-necklift– click here

Anyone else have any thoughts?

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Photo Credit: PerezHilton

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