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(Not) A Wrinkle in Time! We’re Gaga for Cher at the VMA’s!

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The 2010 MTV VMA’s were a feast for the eyes last night, but this sweet treat stole the show!

It takes a big personality with an even bigger wig collection to outshine the divine Lady Gaga, and Cher blew us away!

Check her out in this naughty number which is nearly identical to her legendary “Turn Back Time” sheer Bob Mackie masterpiece. This is eleven years after she sassed her *ss all over that Navy ship of sailors! Cher is still killin’ it at… 64!!!

Besides having won the genetic lottery, Cher has been no stranger to plastic surgery. She has had breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and laser removal of a few tattoos (does she still have that butt tatt?). We’re pretty sure she’s a fan of non-surgical specials as well, seeing how she has no visible wrinkles, blemishes, or spots. Nothing over the top, but enough to keep her happy and hotter than most twenty-year-olds!

What an inspiration to any generation! Thanks for Cher-ing that sexy can truly be ageless!

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UK Plastic Surgeons Vote on The Top 10 “Worst Faces”

According to one of our fav sources, StyleList, plastic surgeons (and regular citizens) in the UK took a poll on the Top 10 Worst Faces on the planet.

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Find out who took the crown!

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