Nicole Kidman’s breast augmentation… round 2

nicole kidman breast implantsA recent photo from RadarOnline has restarted a long-standing buzz about Nicole Kidman’s breast augmentation surgery, which we originally wrote about here four years ago when it appeared that she had her implants revised or removed because they looked too fake.

This time around, they look a little better, but I still think there are a few ways that this result could have been better, especially form someone like Nicole who will always be in the spotlight, and guaranteed to generate a paparazzi photo frenzy everywhere she goes:

  1. A different shape implant would look more natural. Nicole’s implants look quite round, especially on her thin frame, It’s hard to say for sure because I can’t tell how much her gown or bra is pushing them up, but they look like high-profile implants that are very popular in Hollywood but are not always the best choice for women looking for a more natural breast augmentation result. This new look is strikingly similar to her old result from many years ago that led to a tremendous amount of criticism, and ultimately caused her to have them either revised or removed. I think she would have had a much nicer result with either a moderate profile or tear drop shaped implant. It would have softened her cleavage lines and made them look more natural without sacrificing the amount of push-up she needs for red carpet events like this.
  2. They should be under the muscle. One of the main problems with her first breast augmentation was that her implants were clearly placed over the muscle, which is not a good idea in someone as thin as Nicole. Without that additional layer of muscle tissue covering the top of the implant, the upper cleavage lines can be very harsh and defined which is a dead giveaway for having breast implants. Most women prefer a more natural slope at the top of the breast and a cleavage line that is visible and sexy, but not overly defined. Her cleavage lines are slightly softer than they were back then, but they are still too defined and sharp.
  3. They shouldn’t look so stiff and “stuck on”. It may just be that her implants are still a little swollen and new, but they look very stiff and a little hard, which is also a dead giveaway for having breast implants just like the ultra defined cleavage lines are. High profile implants tend to produce this round, stiff look, as do saline breast implants, especially in women who are very thin.

Here is a real-life example of breast implant revision case similar to what Nicole has gone through at least twice. This young woman was never happy with the overly round shape of her first set of breast implants, and has always felt that she needed a larger size. She decided to have her high profile 250cc saline implants exchanged for 421cc moderate profile silicone implants, and as you can see from the Before & After photo below, her breasts actually look more natural even though the implant is nearly twice as large. This has to do with the surgical technique and implant shape more than anything else, but the important lesson here is that larger implants don’t always look fake. Sometimes an implant that is too small and too narrow can look just as fake if they are too round or too far apart like they are in Nicole’s case.

before and after breast implant exchange by new york plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Vendemia of Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery in New York

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Photo Credit: RadarOnline, Before & After Breast Implant Revision photo from Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery LLC

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