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The Playmate Breast Augmentation™

playmate breast augmentation, large size breast implants, natural looking D cups, breast augmentation new york, breast implants NYCCan anyone guess what the most common complaint after breast augmentation surgery is?

Believe it or not, most women wish they had selected a larger size! Choosing a size for your new breast implants is a tough decision, and since everyone is scared of looking fake, most ladies tend to err on the side of caution and go with the smaller sizes that leave them wishing they a little extra volume, and a little extra sex appeal, after the surgery.

That being said, using larger size breast implants does require a special technique that is designed to keep them looking as natural as possible, so if you are interested in a larger size like Playmate & Former Heff Girlfriend Holly Madison, keep reading to learn more about The Playmate Breast Augmentation!

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