The Top 4 Reasons Why Lindsay Lohan Looks Older than 25!

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Take a look at these two photos of Lindsay Lohan. They were only taken three years apart, but she looks like she’s aged at least twice that amount! The second photo was taken at her 25th birthday party… or was it her 35th???

Keep Reading to find out the Top 4 Reasons why Lindsay looks too old for 25…

#1 Too Much Sun

It’s tough to avoid the sun when you live in Beverly Hills, but it’s definitely worth the effort! The sun will age your skin faster than almost anything, so make sure you invest in good quality foundation and makeup that have an SPF of at least 15-20. And don’t wait until you see age spots or wrinkles before you start using sunscreen. Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to anti-aging treatments. If you already use SPF, but still have some a few sun spots that you would like to get rid of, consider a series of Intense Pulse Light therapy (IPL).

#2 Too Much Partying

Partying too much leads two things: 1) dehydration, and 2) not enough sleep. Drinking dehydrates your skin and decreases its ability to heal and regenerate. Combine this with a lack of sleep, and you can literally watch yourself age years ahead of your time.

#3 Too Much Smoking

Smoking causes tremendous damage to cells in the lungs, and cells in the skin! Cigarette smoke causes skin to lose its elasticity and suppleness, and also gives it the texture and color of an old leather baseball glove. Smokers lines around the mouth are one of the hardest signs of aging to reverse, so it’s much easier to avoid them altogether by not smoking.

#4 Too Much Plastic Surgery

We all know that Lindsay has had some work done, and up until this point, she hasn’t had anything that’s made her look older… worse yes, but older, no. She’s clearly had some procedures on her nose and lips, and her cheeks also look a bit filled. Lindsay was suspected of having lip implants a few years ago before she went to jail for the first time, but it looks as though she may have had them removed. Her lips are thinner and have a different shape to them. They also look a little stiff, which may be a result of recent Restylane or Juvederm injections to plump before her party. Her nose is really beginning to look overdone too. Her tip is becoming very angular and defined, and it is obvious that she’s had a tip graft, sometimes called a shield graft for it’s shield-like shape, at some point. The bridge of her nose looks a little wider than before, and has taken on a slightly strange appearance that may be due to surgery or filler injections. Just like anything done in excess, too much plastic surgery can have the opposite effects from those that are intended, and LIndsay definitely looks like she’s aged more than 3 years between these photos.

What do you think?

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