Will Beyonce’s Baby Bump Lead to a Mommy Makeover?

When I think of celebs who really rocked their pregnancies, Beyonce is certainly at the top of the list!

I don’t know any other woman who can shake it like Beyonce, and I definitely don’t know anyone who can shake like Beyonce while pregnant! She was incredible at the MTV VMA Awards a few months ago, and now she’s getting closer and closer to her due date. Will her baby bump lead to a Mommy Makeover for this Independent Woman? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Continue Reading to learn more about what it’s like to have a Mommy Makeover Procedure after pregnancy!

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover Breast Lift Breast Augmentation Tummy Tuck by New York Plastic Surgeon Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MAS | Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery | Plastic Surgery


A Mommy Makeover is a combination of 5 procedures:

  1. Breast Augmentation.  One of the most noticeable changes after pregnancy and nursing is the atrophy of breast tissue… particularly in the upper aspect of the breast that create cleavage. Breast implants are frequently used to replace this lost tissue and restore a natural contour and cleavage line. If Beyonce loses more breast fullness and shape than she’s comfortable with, silicone breast implants are a very safe and effective way to restore lost volume and youthful perkiness.
  2. Breast Lift (Mastopexy).  Pregnancy is a double whammy on the breasts. Not only does it lead to breast tissue atrophy, but it also leads to stretching and sagging. Breast implants can easily and safely restore volume to the breasts, but only a breast lift can correct the sagging.
  3. Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty).  Unfortunately, the breasts are not the only bodypart that sags after pregnancy. The abdomen is hit just as hard with stretch marks and sagging skin. When the abdominal skin is stretched to it’s limit over and over again through multiple pregnancies, it eventually reaches a point when it cannot bounce back (no matter how many crunches you do!).
  4. Abdominal Muscle Repair (Distasis Recti Repair).  The abdominal skin isn’t the only part of the abdomen that gets stretched during pregnancy. The rectus abdominis muscles also get stretched to their max and will often times lose their ability to contract efficiently and hold the abdomen firm and flat. During the abdominoplasty portion of a Mommy Makeover, the rectus muscles can be repaired and returned to their pre-baby condition.
  5. Liposuction.  Most mommies have a hard time losing the last bit of “baby weight” on their hips and thighs, and liposuction can remove that stubborn fat faster than any personal trainer!

How long is the recovery after a Mommy Makeover?

  1. Immediately after surgery.  You’ll feel tired and very sore, but you will have plenty of strong pain medicine to make you comfortable. You’ll have to walk a bit hunched over because your new tummy will feel tight, and you’ll feel like taking a few naps during the day.
  2. Three days after surgery.  By the third day, you’ll start to get your energy back, and you won’t need to take as many pain pills. You’ll be standing a little straighter when you walk, and everything will feel less sore.
  3. One week after surgery.  Days 7-10 are usually the turning point in the recovery period. Most of your soreness will be gone, and you’ll probably be off pain pills altogether. You’ll be standing and walking straight up, and your energy levels will be much higher. Any drains and/or dressings will be removed, and you’ll have far fewer things to keep track of.
  4. Two weeks after surgery.  At the 2-week mark, you’ll be able to get back into light activities like walking and low-impact exercise, but you won’t be allowed to lift anything heavier than 5lbs until week 6. You could theoretically return to work at this point (assuming that your job does not involve heavy activity), but you’ll wish you had taken a full month off (which is what we recommend) 🙂
  5. One month after surgery.  You’ll most likely be back to work, and you’ll be feeling great! You may find that you get tired more quickly during the day, but this will pass as you get back into your normal routine. You’ll be loving the new clothes you had to buy, and you’ll be super happy that you had the procedure!

What do the results of a Mommy Makeover look like?

The results of a Mommy Makeover can be some of the most dramatic results in all of plastic surgery! Fuller perkier breasts + tighter flatter tummy = very happy moms!

Mommy Makeover Breast Augmentation Breast Lift Mastopexy Augmentation Tummy Tuck by Dr. Nicholas Vendemia of MAS | Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery | Plastic Surgery

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