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Michelle Pfeiffer: “I’m all for plastic surgery!”

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There’s no doubt that plastic surgery can be a bad thing when it’s done for the wrong reasons by the wrong people! Megan Fox and Heidi Montag are proof of the intense pressure that some Hollywood actresses feel to look a certain way, and also how extreme their willing to go with their looks to achieve whatever it is that they are trying to achieve.

Even though women like Megan and Heidi get the most press, they don’t represent the majority of women who seek plastic surgery to improve their appearance and turn back the hands of time… in a subtle, natural and beautiful way. And if you want to associate a picture with the phrase “subtle, natural and beautiful”, it’s all about Michelle Pfeiffer!

Michelle, 53, made a very open and honest statement about her feelings on plastic surgery in Hollywood recently. “I’m all for a little here and there — fine. It doesn’t matter to me if people have plastic surgery or they don’t, or if they do Botox,” she told the mag. “But when people don’t look themselves anymore, that’s when you go, ‘Oooh,’ and it’s kind of sad. It’s uncomfortable for us but if they’re happy with what they see in the mirror, does it matter?”

Kudos to Michelle for expressing an opinion on a topic that tends to be “taboo” nowadays, although we’re not sure why. As long as it’s done well and safely, there’s not much difference between a little Botox to freshen up your eyes and a new expensive NARS eyeshadow 🙂

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Has plastic surgery helped Heather Locklear look so fabulous at 50?

Heather Locklear plastic surgery, Heather Locklear facelift, Heather Locklear BotoxHow does Heather do it?

She’s defying the laws of age and gravity, and like a fine wine, she seems to only get better with age! Cliche, I know, but true…

Has plastic surgery had any role in her battle against aging? Judges say yes!

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Will Beyonce’s Baby Bump Lead to a Mommy Makeover?

When I think of celebs who really rocked their pregnancies, Beyonce is certainly at the top of the list!

I don’t know any other woman who can shake it like Beyonce, and I definitely don’t know anyone who can shake like Beyonce while pregnant! She was incredible at the MTV VMA Awards a few months ago, and now she’s getting closer and closer to her due date. Will her baby bump lead to a Mommy Makeover for this Independent Woman? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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