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Does Lindsay Lohan need a breast lift?

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Last month, the whole world saw Lindsay Lohan show up in an ultra boob-a-licious white dress, but did anyone notice that she’s looking a little saggy for a young woman with breast implants?

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying that she looks “bad”… I’m just saying that her breast implants don’t have the typical appearance for someone her age. They are still very full and shapely, but just a bit lower than you might expect them to be. We know Lindsay has had her breast implants for several years now, so it’s not a surprise that she’s now experiencing some sagging.

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Megan Fox “Proves” That She Doesn’t Get Botox… I stand corrected!

Botox by NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MAS

Last month, I wrote an article about Megan Fox and her claims that she has never had Botox.

For those of you who don’t know, Megan is ultra-sensitive about the subject of Botox and plastic surgery, and in an effort to prove that she doesn’t get Botox, she posted a picture of her forehead wrinkles on her Facebook page. I analyzed the photo and wrote that I thought Megan had photoshopped her own picture because the wrinkle pattern didn’t correlate with the anatomy that I’ve seen in thousands of Botox patients in my practice or with what I’ve seen in many years of surgical training.

Well, I stand corrected! A beautiful young woman in Riverside, CA named Kristen sent me a photo of herself making forehead wrinkles that were not only similar to Megan’s, but actually much more impressive!

Firstly, kudos to Kristen! She sent me several very useful photos with several different degrees of muscle motion, and she very kindly agreed to allow me to use them for this article. I studied her photos for quite a while and I noticed that she (and probably Megan) have an incredibly interesting variation in the anatomy of their brow and forehead muscles that allows them to make these semi-circular wrinkles while the vast majority of us cannot. Their corrugator muscles (the muscles that pull the eyebrows downwards and inwards) are much more vertically oriented than normal, and this allows them to interrupt the pull of the frontalis muscle (the muscle that pulls the eyebrows upwards). This anatomic variation is quite rare, but obviously a real phenomenon.

Secondly, when it rains it pours! Since Kristen contacted me, I have seen this anatomic variation in two of my own patients, which is the very first time I’ve seen it in clinical practice even though I do Botox injections almost on a daily basis.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Kristen for her amazing photos, and for educating all of us, including me, on a very interesting and uncommon variation in anatomy. And I also want to say that I fully retract my claim that Megan Fox photoshopped her picture. That being said, that doesn’t necessarily “prove” that she doesn’t get Botox 🙂 All it proves is that she has some amazing forehead and brow muscles that may or may not have ever been under the influence of Botox in the past.

Thanks again Kristen!

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Photo Credit: Kristen from Riverside CA

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Megan Fox "Proves" That She Doesn't Get Botox Megan Fox is up in arms against claims that she gets Botox and has had plastic surgery! In an effort to “prove” that she doesn’t get Botox, Megan posted a photo of herself on Facebook wrinkling her forehead. Does this prove that Megan doesn’t get Botox? Or does it just prove that Megan is as talented with Photoshop as she is in entertainment? Keep Reading to find why Megan’s photo is nothing more than a Photoshop folly! PHOTOS What’s wrong with t … Read More

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