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Is it time for Victoria Beckham to get a Mommy Makeover?

Victoria Beckham Pregnant Plastic SurgeryPregnancies can reek havoc on even the most beautiful bodies… especially four of them!

Victoria Beckham had her 4th child a few weeks ago, and even though Posh is famous for her tight and tiny physique, we’re wondering if she’s ready for a Mommy Makeover procedure?

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Megan Fox “Proves” That She Doesn’t Get Botox

Megan Fox plastic surgery, Megan Fox botox, Megan Fox cosmetic surgery, Megan Fox lip augmentation, Megan Fox breast implantsMegan Fox is up in arms against claims that she gets Botox and has had plastic surgery!

In an effort to “prove” that she doesn’t get Botox, Megan posted a photo of herself on Facebook wrinkling her forehead. Does this prove that Megan doesn’t get Botox? Or does it just prove that Megan is as talented with Photoshop as she is in entertainment?

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Did Rhianna get breast implants?

Rhianna breast implants, Rhianna plastic surgery, new york breast augmentation, breast enlargement, New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Vendemia of MAS


Did rocker Rhianna get breast implants? It certainly looks like it!

The key to deciding whether or not someone may have had breast augmentation surgery is to look at pictures that match. People too often try to compare a picture without a bra to a picture with a pushup bra, but that’s just not an accurate comparison.

Rhianna is bra-free in both of the pictures here, and the key to deciding whether she’s still au-natural or au-silicone is the shape of her breast. In the Before picture, her breast has a classic teardrop shape of a totally natural breast. There isn’t much fullness in the upper half of the breast, which is what plastic surgeons refer to as the “upper pole”. In the After picture, there is clearly more fullness in the upper pole, the shape is more round than teardrop, and it looks like they are slightly larger.

The Verdict? I can’t be sure, but it looks like Rhianna got breast implants. And, if she did, she got a very nice result! The implant size fits her body well, and the fuller, rounder shape looks great on her. I’m sure she likes having a more defined cleavage line in all her revealing red carpet outfits, and the implants probably make it much easier for her to go bra-less whenever she wants to.

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