Does Kelly Ripa need belly button surgery?

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If you take a vote on who has the most amazing abs in Hollywood, Kelly Ripa should definitely be on the ballot!

Take a look at her belly button though… talk about a major outtie! Her little alien belly button is a bit of an eyesore in the center of such a sculpted physique, and we’re wondering if Kelly could benefit from an Umbilicoplasty (belly button surgery)?

Park Avenue plastic surgeon, Dr. Nicholas Vendemia, says “Umbilicoplasty is a great little procedure for someone like Kelly. She’s got an amazing body that certainly doesn’t need any improvements, but if her outtie bothered her, I would recommend an umbilicoplasty. It’s a simple, in-office procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia with almost no downtime. Kelly could come into the office with an outtie, and leave with a cute little innie!”

Dr. V adds “It’s also important to check for an umbilical hernia in a case like Kelly’s. We know that she’s had a few children, and since her belly button seems to be the only part of her that stretched out during her pregnancies, it’s possible that a small hernia may be present. If we found an umbilical hernia, we would repair it during the umbilicoplasty procedure, and she would be as good as new.”

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Karin Ruiz, Patient Coordinator MAS | Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery | Dr. Nicholas Vendemia | Plastic Surgeon New York CityKarin Ruiz
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11 responses to “Does Kelly Ripa need belly button surgery?

  1. Steve

    Leave Kelly Ripa Alone!

    Karin Ruiz;

    Shame, Shame, Shame on you!!

    So this is spring and the time when many woman take a good long look at their bodies. Yes indeed bikini time is just around the corner. So what better way is there to drum up new business for the Doctor then to exploit MS Ripa’s Umbilicus.

    Sure, nobody is perfect and the Doctor is certainly available to correct those imperfections and flaws we all have. My question to you is why did you use a photograph of Kelly that has been around for over a year to make your point. Did you ask her for permission to un-glamorize her otherwise perfect petite physic, or just zeroed right in there below the belt and hit her hard.

    Quote; Do you have an outtie like Kelly’s
    Interested in turning it into an innie? Call or email Dr. V today!

    Steve B.

  2. MAS

    Thanks so much for your comment Steve!

    By no means did we intend to “un-glamorize” Kelly. She’s got one of the best bodies in Hollywood, and we’re HUGE fans of hers! If you re-read the Doctor’s comments you notice that he said “She’s got an amazing body that certainly doesn’t need any improvements.” We just want to educate people on a procedure that isn’t very well known so that if there is anyone out there with a major post-pregnancy outtie that bothers them, they know what options they have to fix it if they are interested.

    Thanks again!

  3. Steve

    OMG MAS,

    I’m going out on a limb here by saying a ” Fan is like a friend” and BTW, I too am a HUGE fan of Kelly’s.
    I once had a friend growing up with who only had three fingers on one of his hands. I / we certainly would never ever mention to him in private or on a public venue like H.S.P.S. that there was a surgical remedy for his Alien looking extremity. Fortunately for him, he also had one of those ‘Type A’ personalities like Kelly and seldom tried hiding his prevalent eyesore!

    As for embellishing on: “A little well known procedure” Any woman with the “outtie” post pregnancy or not only needs to Goggle their demise and Viola…….. Starting with Wikipedia, to You tube much has been written. NY Times even did this piece titled The year in ideas way back in 2002 .

    ”I get three or five inquiries a week” says Jim Romano, a San Francisco surgeon who performs the outpatient procedure.

    Thanks so much for your speedy reply mas,


  4. MAS

    Hi Steve,

    We certainly agree that it’s easy to find info on umbilicoplasty, but it is truly an “obscure” procedure that many people don’t know exists. And the SF surgeon who gets 3-5 inquiries per week… he advertises for it… plain and simple. We’re not trying to shame anyone here… we love Kelly… we think she’s stunningly beautiful and a great role model… she just happens to have a post-pregnancy belly button that stands out in a candid photo 🙂

    There’s nothing wrong with being educated on procedures and treatment options that we may not see or hear about every day, and although I would never recommend that you force a public appearance on your friend with 3 fingers, I’m sure he would be glad to have a variety of information available if he chose to Google his ailment.

    Thanks again for your great commentary! We hope you are well, and hope you are enjoying HSPS 🙂

    • Steve

      Hello MAS,

      You know I totally agree with you here by being obscure. So being “secretive” Here’s an idea for the good doctor, plaster city busses with Kelly’s navel and run them up and down Madison avenue as others do to promote their Rhinoplasty skills with nose’s. Oh and on top of cabs too with their little marquise’s. I can just see it……. NYC invaded by Kelly’s Belly!


      • Steve

        I’m curious why no one else is weighing in on the notion that God made us a certain way and that it does not matter how much Kelly’s button sticks out or in!

  5. MAS

    It doesn’t matter how much anyone’s BB sticks out or in, unless it matters to person who it belongs to 🙂

  6. Steve

    Hmm, You got me there Doc!
    Lets poll Your Karin and Shea and any other willing woman in your office and see if they are willing to sport an outie. Remember Honesty counts!
    I would bet the farm that it would make no difference to any of them.

  7. Anonymous

    Very interesting subject here! However, is it not Kelly’s decision to improve her push-button belly button and not the general public who read this stuff??

    Freddy F.

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