Jess Says Yes! Jessica Simpson is Engaged!

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The only thing on Jessica Simpson’s body that was blowing up this week was her ring finger with some serious ice!

We were so happy to hear from US News that Jessica and her man Eric Johnson are officially engaged on Thursday. It’s good to see her in the news to celebrate such a happy event instead of for one of her infamous gross-out moments, fashion disasters, or because she’s letting herself go.

The big question at HSPS is whether or not Jess will pay a visit to her plastic surgeon before she walks down the aisle. We know she’s already got that million dollar smile, hair extensions, and has dabbled with a puckered pout, so maybe she’ll be considering a little pre-marital lipo or Botox before the big day.

Jess just needs to do her research a little better this time around, both on how to keep her marriage together and how to pick the perfect plastic surgeon.

We wish this happy couple all the best and can’t wait to watch the wedding countdown begin!

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nicholas vendemia on twitter, mas, manhattan aesthetic surgery Follow MAS on Twitter

Photo Credit: Jaime McCarthy,Getty Images,

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