Russell Brand May Pack a Punch, but Katy Perry Really Nailed It This Week!

Katy Perry's VMA dress, Katy Perry at the VMA's, Katy Perry's nails at VMA's


Talk about arresting!

Just yesterday, Katy’s bad-*ss beau, Russell Brand, was taken in for popping a papparazi after the photog tried to take one too many pics of the sexy songstress.

While we think Russell was just trying to protect his lady, we understand why those cameras were flashing. Days later, we still can’t stop thinking about how Katy Perry nailed it on the white carpet last week at the VMA’s!

Besides her cotton candy highlights and Ice-Capades ensemble, it was Katy’s homage to her hilarious honey, Russell Brand that we loved the most. This is a whole new meaning to getting a man-i!

Katy Perry's manicure, Katy Perry's VMA manicure


Since the VMA’s marked the couple’s unofficial one year anniversary, we loved her little ten-finger tribute to her betrothed. This was way better than getting a tattoo of his mangy mug (sorry, Rusty!). These two have been quite, um, handy to each other all week. We can’t wait for their any-day-now wedding!

Nail portraits. Who knew?! Has anyone else ever had this done? If so, where?

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