Britney Needs a Mommy Makeover!


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Britney may not be the entertainer she used to be, but at least she’s finally getting her life back on track! She used to be classy with a capital “K” like Lindsay Lohan, but she’s turned over a new lead.

Now she needs to keep the ball rolling with a Mommy Makeover! The “girls” are starting to fall, and the tummy is starting to pooch. She looks pretty good for a mother of two, but she could go from “pretty good” to “AMAZING” with a Makeover!

Keep Reading to find out what a Mommy Makeover is all about…

A Mommy who gets Made Over usually gets the following 4 procedures:

1. Tummy Tuck: Get rid of all that sagging skin and extra fat that pooches over your jeans! Most of your stretch marks get removed with this procedure too, so you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

2. Liposuction: Love handles? Muffin top? Whatever you wanna call it, it will be gone after a little liposuction!

3. Breast Augmentation: Nursing can cause you to lose breast volume, big time! And whatever breast tissue decides to stick around usually heads south anyway. Breast implants, especially when combined with a breast lift, can give you the cleavage you had when you were 21! And maybe better than you EVER had 🙂

4. Breast Lift: If you’ve got any amount of sagging, it’s usually necessary to lift the breast in addition to replacing the lost volume with an implant. If your sagging is very minor, sometimes an implant alone can provide enough of a lift to pass on this part of the operation, but in most cases a lift is necessary to give the best result. Click here to learn more about breast lifts…

A Super Mommy can also get the following procedures as part of this deal:

1. Mini-Facelift: You’re getting everything put back up where it belongs on your body, why not put it back where it belongs on your face too? Sagging cheeks, and those tiny jowls that you never used to have, can be gone with just a short incision around your ear that heals almost invisibly.

2. Blepharoplasty: Puffy, baggy lower eyelids plague almost every new mom. All those years with little to no sleep take their toll on your lids just as much as your babies took their toll on your tummy. Get rid of the bags and look more energized with an eyelid tuck!

3. Laser Skin Resurfacing: Get smoother, more even-toned skin with a few passes of the laser. It’s a fantastic addition to the makeover, especially if you’re getting another facial procedure at the time. You’ll have to be out of the sun for at least a month, so it’s probably not a bad idea to have your surgery in the wintertime if you want to be resurfaced.

4. “Pretty Kitty” Procedure: The tummy isn’t the only thing that your babies take their toll on. Help “kitty” get back to where she used to be… tighter, prettier… you name it, and it can probably be done! For those of you who are too embarrassed to admit what you think “kitty” is referring too, don’t worry. Just call it a labiaplasty 🙂

The average Mommy Makeover surgery will take 4-6 hours, and will set you back about $25-50K (depending on how many procedures are being done). You’ll be out of work for about 2-4 weeks (depending on what you do), and out of the gym for about a month.

It’s a dramatic surgery, but it can produce VERY dramatic results! I’ve never known a Mommy who got Made Over and wasn’t the happiest woman on the planet 🙂

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