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Megan Fox’s Cheeks Are Shrinking!

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The Story of Megan Fox

  1. A few months ago, Megan Fox was Gettin’ Cheeky With It on BeautyWithoutTheBlade.com!
  2. Then she Transformed into Angelina Jolie on MAS Appeal!
  3. Now, she’s looking a little more like herself on HSPS!

What’s the deal? Keep Reading to find out…

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Ricky Martin’s Botox Blooper!

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Any way you look it, Ricky Martin is a good lookin’ dude. Great skin, strong jawlline, intense eyes… he’s got the whole package.

Do you notice anything funny about this pic though?

Don’t see it? Keep Reading to find out what the problem is…

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Who’s Bodacious Booty?

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Who’s looking bootylicious in her Brazilian bikini?

Hint: She used to be good friends with Posh

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