Heidi Montag, have you met Jordan Carver?

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Heidi Montag commented recently that she wanted to swap out her DDD breast implants for a size that would give her an “H” cup… because “H is for Heidi”!

Well, Heidi, here’s what an H looks like… HH to be exact!

Meet Bavarian internet sensation Jordan Carver. Jordan’s “natural” 32HH breasts were featured on TheSmokingJacket.com for being all the rage in Europe, especially in London where “British men are boob-crazy!”, says Jordan.

If you’re a believer in the fact that giant breasts (or breast implants) eventually cause giant problems, you’re probably thinking that Jordan is even worse off than Heidi… but you’d be wrong 🙂 If Jordan’s claims that her 32HH’s are real, then Heidi is definitely in for more trouble even though she’s only a DDD.

Keep Reading to find out why…

Breast implants cause natural breast tissue to shrink.

Heidi has been reported to have 700cc breast implants, which are nearly the largest size made in the United States (800cc is the largest non-custom implant). All breast implants exert a certain amount pressure on the natural breast tissue around it, and that pressure causes the tissue to shrink over time. Bigger implants exert more pressure, and make the tissue shrink faster, so you can imagine that Heidi probably doesn’t have much natural breast tissue left. This isn’t such a big deal as long as she likes the porn star look (which won’t last forever), and as long as she doesn’t develop a complication that requires her implants to be removed (capsular contracture, symmastia, etc).

If Heidi ever wants her implants downsized, or if she needs to have them downsized because of a complication, she’ll be left with tons of stretched out skin and almost no natural breast tissue! This is one of the most difficult situations for even the most experienced plastic surgeons because there just isn’t much to work with. Even though Jordan Carver is a bigger cup size, a single breast reduction procedure can make her whatever size and shape she would like to be.

Giant breast implants cause giant problems.

Shrinking breast tissue is not the only thing that big breast implants do. They also lead to higher rates of:

  1. Capsular contracture
  2. Loss of nipple sensation
  3. Sagging
  4. Symmastia
  5. Asymmetry

Most of the things on this list require more surgery to fix (eventually), and more surgery usually means more problems, especially if the implants aren’t downsized. And if they are downsized, then we’re back to the issue of how to make them look good again since we won’t have much tissue to work with.

Multiple surgeries lead to multiple problems.

Once we start the cycle of surgeries to fix problems that giant implants cause, it’s a safe bet that the cycle will continue. Every time another correctional surgery is performed, the likelihood of having one of the complications listed above goes up, and additional complications like complete nipple loss, poor scarring, and delayed healing also start to become a problem. If any of these complications becomes insurmountable, the only option will be to remove the implants, which, in Heidi’s case, would mean that she would be left with two lumps of saggy skin that wouldn’t look like breasts at all! Jordan will never be at risk for most of these problems, and will certainly never have to imagine going from from super voluptuous to nothing at all!

So, as long as Jordan is telling the truth about not having breast implants, she’s in a much more advantageous position than Heidi. Heidi is almost guaranteed to be dealing with at least one of the situations we mentioned, while Jordan can simply keep enjoying her 32HH’s for as long as she wants to. When she’s had enough of them, which she eventually will, all she has to do is have a breast reduction and get on with the rest of her life… just like Real Housewife Dina Manzo!

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4 responses to “Heidi Montag, have you met Jordan Carver?

  1. fake

    Jordan does have implants. She does very little to hide that fact. She is a lair like Denise Milani.

  2. Anonymous

    neither Jordan Carver nor Denise Milani have implants, their breasts are natural

  3. deelotto

    HO, ya, believe anonymous, they personally know them, so they know they are natural. Any idiot can see that Jordan is fake, real breasts dont stand up when you lay down. Go ahead, wish on……

  4. Anonymous

    Both have big boobs both are find with me

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