Are Heidi Montag’s DDD’s the product of BDD?

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Heidi Montag was back on Page Six this weekend…  thanks to Molly Sims!

Molly gave a very candid interview in which she revealed that she feels bad for Heidi because she’s “sick”.

The truth? She probably is! We wonder if Heidi is suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). This is a legitimate diagnosis where a person become completely obsessed with a physical attribute that they feel is flawed, and they put all of their energy into fixing it… even though it doesn’t need fixing. BDD patients will often appear perfectly normal, and usually quite attractive, to the casual observer.

Heidi herself has talked about how she was made fun of before her surgeries, and about the “flaws” she noticed when she watched her own show, “The Hills”. (Those don’t look like “The Hills” to me!) This prompted her to go through a staggering ten plastic surgery procedures in one day!

Of course we know that she didn’t stop there, and that’s a major sign of BDD! Heidi is still seeking more plastic surgery. Even though she hasn’t almost the largest breast implants made in this country (700cc), she wants to go bigger. She wants to an “H” cup… for “H”eidi. If that’s not a red flag, we don’t know what is!

According to an article in Plastic Surgery Practice, less than 25% of all BDD patients are actually happy with their results of their surgeries. That means the other 75% continue to seek “perfection”.

BDD is considered a contraindication to cosmetic surgery, so if you think you know someone who may have it, speak to a professional right away. Therapy and medication can help people suffering from BDD, and save everyone a lot of trouble!

Take a lesson from Heidi “Mountains” Montag. DDD’s won’t fix your BDD!

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One response to “Are Heidi Montag’s DDD’s the product of BDD?

  1. hhorseyfaceskank

    her REAL problem is an enormous head & very short tiny legs ..
    it’s awful ..
    such a competitive narcissist as she is must really bother her ..
    so many think that with the big boobs it will distract from an out of proportion body …sad
    the photoshop work needed to make her jaw & chin smaller , create a neck & extend the legs is just TOO much work ..
    she will never be a great beauty ..
    big problem for a jealous person ..
    her lack of kindness & the fact that sbhe has slandered & backstabbed everyone she’s come in contact with does not help the situation ..
    can you imagine not having even a tweet or a comment?
    whew !
    she will never work again so why write about her ?
    is she paying you too ?

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