What Happened To Audrina’s Breast Implants?

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A little while back, we told you about Audrina Patridge’s Bangin’ Breast Augmentation, which we thought looked great on her.

But what happened to those gorgeous implants that we saw not too long ago? They don’t look so good all of a sudden. That “natural slope” at the top of her breast is gone, and now you can see the edge of the implant clear as day. She’s gone from fab to fake!

What gives?

#1. Audrina Lost Weight

Audrina clearly lost a some weight since she got her boobs done the first time, and it looks like she lost a lot of her natural breast tissue. This did two things for her, and neither of them was good:

  1. Her natural breast probably sagged just a little after she lost the weight
  2. She has less tissue to camouflage the edge of the implant

Both of these things put together equals FAKE-LOOKING IMPLANTS! Her implants look a lot like Nicole Kidman’s recently…

#2. Audrina’s Implants May Have Been New In The Pictures We Like

It’s possible that her implants were new (and swollen) in the pictures where they looked better. In very thin girls like Audrina, the swelling around the implant can actually help camouflage the edge just like it would if she had a little extra bodyfat. The swelling can take a few months to completely resolve, so this could be another reason why she looks fake all of sudden… especially coupled with the fact that she obviously lost weight…

#3. Audrina Probably Got The Wrong Implant Style

It looks like Audrina has what is called a “High Profile” implant. An implant with a high profile is more narrow on the chest, but sticks out more (it has more ‘projection’ in doctor talk). If you fill up a small balloon with water until it’s round, you’ve essentially got yourself a “moderate profile” implant, which is usually the best choice for most women. If you squeeze that balloon and watch it shoot out in one direction, you’ve got a “high profile” implant. Now if you imagine that same scenario on the inside of Audrina’s chest, it will make sense why her implant choice might not have been the right one for her body type. It’s also possible that she had her original implants exchanged for the high profile type, which was obviously a mistake if it happened.

#4. Audrina Might Be Developing a Capsular Contracture

Cross your fingers for Audrina that this one isn’t true! She’s a gorgeous girl, and it would be such a shame if this was the reason her implants took a turn for the worst. All the other things that we talked about are easily fixable… she gain always gain some weight, and she can always get a different implant style. Once capsular contracture sets in though, it’s a whole different ballgame. Capsular contracture is a rare complication of breast implant surgery, but when it happens, it can be difficult to treat, and tends to come back even after it’s treated. Just ask Danielle Staub or Tara Reid how many surgeries they’ve had…

Who thinks Audrina is too skinny now?

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2 responses to “What Happened To Audrina’s Breast Implants?

  1. Deborah Clawson

    It appears as though there is a capsular contracture of the right implant. You can see also how the implant is shifting laterally in the pocket.

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