Lindsay Lohan is Classy With a Capital “K”… and an “FUC”

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Well, it looks like Lindsanity Lohan is finally gonna pay for her ridiculousness, but unfortunately we may not see her behind bars for another 6-12 months. Her lawyers are appealing the judge’s decision for jail time, and the appeal is not expected to be heard for at least that long. Lindsay is definitely not helping her cause by showing off a this little piece of artwork on her middle fingernail

Lindsay’s Rap Sheet

  1. She was 11 hours late for her last photo shoot with Bravo
  2. She’s addicted to prescription drugs and “doctor shops” for refills
  3. She and her dad drop the F-bomb on television
  4. She had a very narrow escape from getting caught with cocaine in her car, and then failed a drug test for it
  5. She has over $600,000 in debt
  6. Her lawyers say “she is a nightmare to work with… because of her bad attitude”
  7. She’s a chain smoker, and friends say she won’t survive a day in the slammer without cigarettes
  8. She showed up to court with “FUCK U” written on her middle fingernail

In spite of all this, she somehow managed to get a deal for a reality TV show, and find someone to inject her lips full of fillers… good work Linds… fish lips and F-bomb fingernail polish… that’s gonna help you change the judge’s mind about you being a model citizen 🙂

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2 responses to “Lindsay Lohan is Classy With a Capital “K”… and an “FUC”

  1. MAS

    Wow! Even Lindsanity’s own deadbeat dad thinks she’s gone overboard with the prescription drug use and doctor shopping for refills!

    Lindsay tested positive for several such drugs, but because they were technically prescribed by a doctor, the court ruled that they were not illegal. Michael Lohan asked the court to disallow this ruling immediately, even if she goes to jail.

    We’re amazed that he actually came through and did the right thing this time. The girl needs help… there’s no doubt about it.

    Good job Dad… help your little girl… she REALLY needs it!

  2. Anonymous

    She is disgusting…in so many ways!

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