Holly Madison vs Kendra Wilkinson… Who Looked Better at Their Holiday Pool Party?

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Former Playboy ‘Girlfriends’ Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson both had holiday pool parties this weekend, but only one of them still looked like a Girlfriend that would make Heff proud…

Holly is in amazing shape right now! Her bod is slim and toned, and the red bikini she was rockin’ didn’t leave much to the imagination. Holly has had quite a bit of work done, and with the exception of breast implants that are a little too big for her frame, she looks great. I’m sure that her bright blonde hair, gleaming white teeth, and bodacious bod had people coming of the woodwork to celebrate with her!

Kendra, on the other hand, wasn’t looking like her Girlfriend self. In her defense, she did have a baby a little while ago, which we all know Holly would like to do to. Kendra needs to get back to her gym routine, which she used to be obsessive about, and get rid of the extra baby weight. She had her breast implants enlarged a few years back, and now they’re looking a little hefty with the extra pounds.

Who’s pool party did Bridget go to?

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2 responses to “Holly Madison vs Kendra Wilkinson… Who Looked Better at Their Holiday Pool Party?

  1. xtinanyc

    Poor Kendra:( She’ll probably never be quite the same. Ahhh the sacrifices we women make…..

  2. MAS

    All too true, Xtina! We think Kendra and Hank must be planning on Baby Number 2. Why else would she wait so long to get a mommy-makeover? It’s pretty obvious that Kendra isn’t so crazy about her new mommy-body, but we think she looks gorgeous just the same! Don’t worry Kendra, relax and enjoy little Hank Jr. We’ll be here when you’re ready 😉

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