Megan Fox’s Cheek Augmentation

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Take a look at this recent red carpet pic of Megan Fox compared to a photo take a few years back.

She’s been in two blockbuster Transformers movies since the earlier pic was taken, but it looks like she’s the one doing the transforming 🙂

She has definitely had her cheeks augmented… probably with an injectable filler like JuvedermEvolence, or Sculptra. This is a tricky procedure, but it looks like her plastic surgeon did a nice job. We think it makes her look a little older, but her cheekbone highlights are in the right place and it certainly creates a very alluring appearance that’s reminiscent of Angelina Jolie.

It also looks like Megan may have had her jawbones augmented as well.  A little filler will do the trick here too. Just don’t overdo it, or you could end up looking like Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel… what a jaw that girl has!

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Photo Credit: TMZ

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8 responses to “Megan Fox’s Cheek Augmentation

  1. xtinanyc

    She looked better before….
    Looks like she injected her lips too.

  2. MAS

    Thanks for the comment, Xtina! We like Megan a little better before too, but that’s the art of aesthetic surgery and procedures. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, particularly the eye of the person having the work done. As long as this was how she wanted to look, we’re fine with it too!
    We wish Megan luck and hope she is aware enough about her “transforming” to stop before she morphs into “Megan Montag”!

  3. steph

    If this story is true and she dosen’t look like she did a couple of weeks ago when she got married then she looks ridiculous… I dnt where when in her mine she thinks she looks better…

    Honey u just went from hot to hideous;;

  4. Citykitty

    She looks like she’s ready for Madame Toussard’s!!!
    Ladies in your 20s, consider facials, makeup, or a tiny bit of Botox. Before you bring out the big gun injectables.
    If your face looks like putty now, what do you think you’re going to do when you really need help in your 40s?

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  6. Yea. This is sad to me. Honestly, I see she had work done when she was younger, it looked like nose and lips, but it was enough, and it just enhanced her natural beauty. She honestly looked AMAZING before, I really wish she didn’t do this to herself, she was sooooooo beautiful.
    Now she looks……..weird. I do not like it.

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