Who’s on the cover of Shape?

Kim Kardashian, Shape Magazine, beauty, fitness, celebrities, entertainment


Who’s on this gorgeous cover of Shape Mag?

Hint: She hasn’t always looked this good, and now she’s “in the best shape of her life.”

It’s HSPS favorite Kim Kardashian! Kim has definitely had some work done (it’s like a right of passage for women in Hollywood), but there’s another reason why she looks this good lately… her new commitment to exercise and a healthy diet.

Kim Kardashian, workouts, fitness, beauty, celebrities, entertainment


“I have cellulite, just like every other woman on the planet. And just because I feel secure with my body doesn’t mean that I think cellulite is cute!” Being naturally curvy has been one of Kim’s main motivations to keep her weight down by revamping her diet. She traded in her usual Chai latte’s for oatmeal or egg whites every morning, and she works out on most days of week.

Click here to check out her workout routine.  And click here to read more about that booty she’s famous for!”

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