Battle of the Booty! Kim Kardashian vs Sophie Turner

Model Sophie Turner was caught talking smack outside an LA nightclub about her biggest booty rival, and HSPS favorite celeb, Kim Kardashian. “At least mine’s real” said the sassy Aussie.

So who’s guilty of a bogus butt? Kim or Sophie?

Kim Kardashian vs Sophie Turner : is Kim kardashian's booty real? : brazilian butt lift, fat injections to booty, butt implants


We think Sophie is full of it! Here’s why:

#1  Kim has never been a candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift

One of the greatest ways to get a booty like either of these two gorgeous girls is to have a Brazilian Butt Lift. Not everyone can have this procedure though… you have to be a candidate.  In the BBL procedure, your plastic surgeon liposuctions as much fat as he can from anywhere on your body, and then carefully injects the fat into your backside to sculpt you a new booty. The problem is that you need lots of fat to do that! If you’re a skinny mini, forget about it… you won’t have enough extra adipose to make it worth it to have the procedure.  Even though Kim has never really been a skinny skinny girl, she’s never had enough bodyfat to have been a candidate for a BBL.

#2 Kim doesn’t have any scars

Kim Kardashian vs Sophie Turner : is Kim kardashian's booty real? : brazilian butt lift, fat injections to booty, butt implantsAnother way to get a fake derrière is to get butt implants. This procedure leaves tiny, but visible, scars in the area where that little triangle of your thong sits. These scars may not even be so tiny depending on the size of the implant, and judging from Kim’s bodaciousness, we highly doubt she has them.  Take a look at this pic of her on the beach busting out of her bikini… no scars there!

#3 Kim isn’t stupid

Kim K is a “good girl”.  She takes care of stray puppies, she contributes to charities all over the world, and she works like a dog for her career!  One thing she’s not is dumb. There’s lots of hype on the internet these days about women going to Mexico and South American to get PMMA injections to enhance their booties. You heard it here… THIS IS A VERY BAD IDEA! PMMA is a chemical that is being marketed under the brand name Artefill for use in facial rejuvenation. It’s one of the permanent fillers, unlike Juvederm or Restylane, which are both temporary, and this is why some docs are touting it as a good way to boost the booty. Trust us though, it’s not. PMMA is only meant to be used in very small amounts, and even then it’s risky.  Any time you inject a foreign material into the body, especially a permanent material, you risk complications like severe allergic reactions, infections, and nodules. The more you inject, the bigger the risk. Don’t believe the hype. There’s a reason why you have to go to Mexico to have this procedure!

Sorry Sophie, we think Kim is legit! If either of you is guilty, you’re a more likely candidate with that slightly unnatural curve in your close up pic. Case closed!

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Photo Credit: TMZ, Splashnews, HQcelebrity

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8 responses to “Battle of the Booty! Kim Kardashian vs Sophie Turner

  1. JR

    1) Kim has always been a candidate for a Butt lift. She has had every other surgery – why not a butt lift? Her proportions are so utterly wrong that its obvious something is going on in there.

    2)Kim doesn’t have any scars? How do you know? Because some photoshopped pictures surfaced on the internet via her manager/mom, as part of a complete press setup? Please!

    3)Kim isn’t stupid? No, she’s an absolute moron (ever watched her show?) And Sophie is a lawyer. Case closed on that.
    And the comment about her being a ‘good girl’ – are we forgetting Ray J and her string of bad choices? She is completely obsessed with the media and will go to all lengths to get more attention. Including making porn.

    Sophie’s bottom looks muscular and proportionate. Kim’s is just fat and completely out of line with the rest of her body. If any of them has a fake booty its KIM.

  2. Nikki

    What are you smokin’ JR? “Case closed”… that’s hilarious! Are you Sophie’s PR person?

  3. angel

    I don’t like either of these girls but I’d have to agree with JR that kims butt looks pretty wrong compared to the rest of her. It sticks up not down which is unnatural for fat.

    • MAS

      Thanks for your comments everyone!

      The “bottom” line (sorry!) is that both these celebs are probably natural, and both of them are freaks of nature 🙂

      The main reason why Kim probably didn’t have a Butt Lift is because there has never been a time in her life where she was chubby enough to have the volume of fat that it would take to get a result like she has now. It would take at least 2-3 liters of liposuctioned fat to sculpt a butt like that, if not more. Remember, not all of the fat that gets liposuctioned is useable for injections, and about 50-60% of injected fat dissolves over time. So, for her to be left with the volume that she has, it’s almost inconceivable that she had high-volume liposuction and fat injections (which is what a Brazilian Butt Lift is). We’ve all seen photos of Kim for years and years. We’ve never seen her butt shrink, which it would for the first year after fat injections, and we’ve never seen her go from fat to slim and grow a booty instantly, which would happen if she had massive lipo and booty injections.

      She could have gone to Mexico and had PMMA (Artefill, Metacrill, Percise) injections, but the chances of her having a complication after having large volume filler injections would have been extremely high, and therefore, the chances of having a result that she would feel comfortable displaying in a skin tight dress would have been extremely low. PMMA injections lead to lumps, bumps, nodules, infections, etc, etc, etc… especially when it’s injected in high volumes.

      The chances of her having butt implants are also extremely low because the scars from that surgery are not inconspicuous, and Photoshop or not, they would have been captured on film at some point… especially since Kim as no problem wearing tiny bikinis when she goes to the beach! At the very least, we would have seen or heard a rumor about it if her butt blew up overnight. And in line with the PMMA thought, if she had butt implants this large, the chances of her having a complication would have been through the roof (large implants of any type, butt or breast, have a very high complication rate), so it’s unlikely that she would be as happy as she is with her booty at this point.

      This is a case of freaky genetics… Kim and Sophie! Just look at Kim’s family… they’ve all been blessed with the Kardashi-ass 🙂 Genetics are always more powerful than plastic surgeons. That being said, anything is possible… especially in Hollywood!

  4. citypretty24

    I don’t care-I love Kim and am in awe of the *ss! I think it looks “lifted” cuz of the camera angle, besides, Sophie’s butt looks pointy to me which is even more bizarre. JR, stop hating; take a look at Kim’s bevy of bootified siblings/mom! I just hope Kim sticks to the gym so she doesn’t end up with her mom’s middle age spread!
    BTW, just cuz a girl makes a sex tape that gets leaked doesn’t make her a slut or porn star; haters,haters,haters-lol

  5. MAS

    Speaking of freaky genetics, even Kim’s aunts had “big butts and boobs”… check it out here:

  6. Chris

    Funny those ‘genetics’ – how they only set in once the girl got famous!

    I’m not a hater but — please!

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