Breast Reduction Surgery Was The Way To Go For NJ Housewife Dina Manzo

According to one of our favorite sources, HuffPo, NJ Housewife Dina Manzo had her “bubbies” reduced, and she’s thrilled with the results!

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It’s a little unclear whether Dina had breast reduction surgery, or whether she had her breast implants removed with a breast lift, but we doubt that she cares about the semantics.  They are very different operations though, so here’s the scoop on a breast reduction vs breast lift after implant removal.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is designed to reduce the size of the breast by removing extra tissue and skin, and then reshaping the breast to give a youthful perky appearance. Breast reduction surgery is an operation that makes women who really need it extremely happy because it can sometimes eliminate back, neck, and shoulder pain that can develop after years of carrying the heavy load of cup sizes that can be as big as “I” !!!  That’s right, an I-cup!  Imagine having to lug those around all day.

There is a downside to breast reduction surgery though… the scars. There is traditionally a scar around the nipple, a scar that runs from the nipple down to the fold under the breast, and another scar in the fold itself.  Some women are candidates for the “short-scar” breast reduction procedure in which the scar in the fold is eliminated, but this particular operation is probably overhyped because the fold scar isn’t very noticeable anyway. The short-scar technique can’t be used for larger reductions, so not everyone is a candidate.

Breast Lift After Breast Implant Removal

When a woman decides to have her breast implants removed, as we think Dina did, it can be very difficult to make the breasts look good without replacing the implants. Breast implants cause the natural breast tissue to shrink over time, which means that most women who have implants will have almost no natural breast tissue left if they have their implants removed.  Since women who get breast augmentation surgery don’t have much natural breast tissue to begin with, you can imagine what they are left with without their implants!

The other issue that must be dealt with is that breast implants also stretch the skin of the breast, so when the implants come out, what remains is usually a very small, very floppy, breast.  This is a very difficult challenge for any plastic surgeon since there is so little tissue to work with. In a breast reduction, there is plenty of breast tissue to rearrange into a great looking “bubbie”, but the exact opposite is true of a breast that loses its silicone support. In cases like this, a breast lift is performed, and whatever breast tissue is left is rearranged to give the best possible shape. The scars are essentially the same as in breast reduction surgery, but the results are not as good. The best idea for women who want their implants removed is usually to get them exchanged for a smaller set. Putting smaller implants back in gives the surgeon much more to work with in terms of sculpting something that actually looks like a breast. The results in this scenario are usually much closer to what you see with breast reductions.

As we said, we doubt Dina cares what her procedure is called, but we wanted to make it clear for all the other ladies out there who may be wondering about having their breasts reduced (implants or not).

Which housewife should be next in line for a breast reduction?  Our vote is for “The Bulldog” Caroline 🙂

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