Heidi Montag’s Obsession With “Perfection” is Turning Hollywood Upside Down

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Heidi Montag has almost single-handedly created a backlash in Hollywood against plastic surgery for wanna-be actresses. Her huge breast implants and overfilled face are turning off casting director left and right.  Famous producer Lauren Lloyd says “All the women are looking the same with their little noses, big eyes, lipo-sucked bodies, and huge breasts. She [Heidi] is limited in what she can play. Her plastic surgery is so obvious that she can’t play the girl next door roles.”  Lauren’s quotes are pretty mild compared to some others who said “She looks scary!”

Not only is she going to ruin her body by having WAY too much surgery, but she may also ruin her career.  And, unfortunately, there’s no sign that she’s coming to her senses despite the huge amount of negative publicity her “plastic” looks are getting.  Heidi, who is currently a “DDD” cup, apparently wants to be an “H”… for “Heidi”.

It sounds like she needs a brain surgeon… not a plastic surgeon.

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2 responses to “Heidi Montag’s Obsession With “Perfection” is Turning Hollywood Upside Down

  1. skank

    to see her in person takes all control not to laugh ..
    she is actually a midget with tiny legs & enormous face ..ewwwwwwww

  2. skank

    that neck has been ‘shopped to death as she doesn’t have one & the requisite black shadow carving out a smaller face & neck is ridiculous ..
    if she takes those shoes off her ass will hit the floor ..bitch PUH-LEEEEZE give it a rest ..
    you are NO beauty by any stretch ..
    try to deal with narcissism , competiveness& jealousy ..
    stop lying about yourself & everyone else ..
    life is about FRIENDS girrrrrrrrl …
    & you ain’t gotta one ..
    that’s the real prob’ & titties ain’t responsible for THAT …
    nor is splatt..
    nor is the doc’ ..
    nor is yer ma’ sis’ brother , aunt uncle ..
    find your soul girl before it’s too late & become a GOOD ethical person ..
    THAT’S when you’ll look beautiful NOT BEFORE HONEY !

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