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Ga Ga Ooo La La!

In spite of recent rumors that Lady Gaga wants plastic surgery, and in spite of recent polls about whether or not she needs a little liposuction, Lady Gaga has looks fantastic lately! We don’t think she’s had anything done, and we don’t think she needs anything done.  Check out these pics from her sold-out performance in Tokyo, and from her cover shoot for Q Magazine!

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Our only comment is that she needs to decide who she wants to take over for… she’s got the Madonna crotch grab goin’ on with the Jacko-esque one-handed glove 🙂

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Photo Credit: DailyMail.uk, Musictoob

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3 Ways You Can Look Better Than The Stars… NAKED!

No matter what anyone says, our #1 goal in life is to look better naked.  Don’t deny it… you know it’s true 🙂

Keep reading to find out the 3 ways you can look better than the celebs… in the buff!

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