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Donatella Versace had her lips done on the Muppet Show!

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Boy, just when you thought you’ve seen everything!  Check out this fab article on lip augmentation from Katnip:  “Lip Augmentation is not good“.

Learn more about Lip Augmentation by clicking here.

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Who’s got the tell-tale signs of BAD LIPOSUCTION?

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Grooves, lines, dimples, “shark bites”, saggy skin… these are all signs of bad liposuction, and are all very difficult to fix if they happen.

Who’s the unlucky girl in the photo?

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What do Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus have in common?

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What do Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus have in common?

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Padma’s Got a Pouch! Does She Need a Tummy Tuck?

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Princess Padma Lakshmi looks as good as gold in her gorgeous gown, but she’s got a new little belly pouch that’s for sure the work of her new baby!

Does she need a tummy tuck?

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“Money Can’t Buy You Class”… Check out the Countess’ New Video!

Real Housewife, LuAnn “Countess” De Lesseps just released her first video for her new song “Money Can’t Buy You Class”.  We don’t know about class, but now we know that money can’t buy you a singing voice either 🙂  We’re just glad that there weren’t any cameos from Bethenny Frankel or Jill Zarin… nails on a chalkboard…

LuAnn De Lesseps, money can't buy you class, entertainment, beauty, celebrities, New York Housewives
Click here to watch the video, and then tell us what you think!  Good, Bad or Reaaallly Bad?

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“Things that make you go hmmm…” Danielle Staub vs The Evil Queen

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Perfectly shaped brows are one of the easiest ways to freshen your image and send out inviting energy to those around you. A little Botox doesn’t hurt either 🙂

Real Life Jersey Housewife Danielle Staub definitely needs a lesson in Eyebrow Know How!  If you’re interested in some great tips for standout brows, click here to check out a standout article on

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The Heidi Montag Surgery Saga… It Never Ends!

Heidi Montag, beauty, celebrities, entertainment, cosmetic surgery, breast implantsAccording to UsWeekly, plastic surgery nightmare, Heidi Montag, claims that her surgeries were “the best decision of my life.”

Heidi, you have a wake up! You’re 23 going on 33, you’ve got the largest size breast implants that they make, you and your husband aren’t speaking to your families, no one will cast you in any movie roles, and you say crazy stuff like “I want to be an H cup because H is for Heidi”.  Plus, not even a month ago you said “I made a huge mistake“, so how good could your decision to have 10 surgeries in one day possibly be?

It might be time for Heidi to trade in her plastic surgeon for a psychiatrist.

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Photo Credit: UsWeekly

NOTICE: None of the celebrities or individuals discussed here have ever received treatment, surgery, medical advice, or evaluations from any author, physician, surgeon, or representative of this blog. All images and photos in this article represent models only. No actual patients or clients are shown.

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