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Did Christie Brinkley Have a Facelift?

Christie Brinkley : facelift : neck lift : botox : juvederm


Wouldn’t you love to be Christie Brinkley? She’s been 38 for the past 20 years!

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Audrina’s Bangin’ Breast Augmentation

A good friend of Audrina Patridge reported to US Weekly that Audrina used to be really insecure, but now that she got breast implants, she “has a banging body”.

Audrina Patridge : breast augmentation : breast implants : celebrity cosmetic surgery : plastic surgery


We think Audrina looks fantastic with her new breast augmentation! She looks sexy and confident, and her plastic surgeon did a very nice job. Notice the nice natural slope she has in her bikini pic. She picked the perfect size for her body so she looks like she had something done, but she didn’t go overboard like Heidi “Mountains” Montag 🙂

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!  If you don’t, get it!

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Photo Credit: UsWeekly

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