3 Celebs Who Need Liposuction

You might be surprised to see a few of these pictures under this title, so here’s the deal.  Liposuction works best on small areas of fat. It’s not for the obese, or even the super chubby… it’s for regular people who have isolated pockets of gush that won’t go away no matter what they do. The smaller the problem, the better liposuction works! Take a look at the 3 celebs who could all use a little lipo… just in different places.

Halle Berry : Kelly Clarkson : Lady Gaga : Liposuction : saddle bags : bra roll

Halle Berry: The Bra Roll

Halle is absolutely stunning in this picture, but there’s one thing we could improve.  Do you see those tiny little rolls over her dress near her armpit?  Those are the least menacing version of the dreaded “bra roll”, and they would be great targets for liposuction. A plastic surgeon would make a teeny incision in her armpit and use a 2.5mm liposuction cannula to gently suck out the little roll of fat hanging over her dress. There would be almost no bruising, and the incisions would be nearly invisible after a few weeks. Laser liposuction would work very well in Halle’s case.  She may get the added benefit of the extra skin contraction that is sometimes a possibility with the laser version. The bra roll gets bigger as your body gets bigger, but you can see that even skinny Halle has one. No one is immune, not even in Hollywood!

Lady Gaga: The Saddle Bag

Gaga is probably one of the most mesmerizing people on the planet right now, and she’s looking like she’ll be the next Madonna! Even though she’s 30 years older, Madge still has one-up on the new Queen of Pop… Gaga is a little softer in the legs and butt.  Could she use a little liposuction to catch up on those freaky genetics that are still getting Madge plenty of stares? Take a look at the shot from Esquire Magazine and decide for yourself.  She’s definitely got some saddle bags starting on her outer thighs, and her bottom is just a bit droopy for a girl her age. She could be a sculpted beauty in under an hour if she chose to go under the knife!

Kelly Clarkson: The “All Over”

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly! What’s going on? Why can’t you stay thin? Kelly’s got a serious problem of needing the “all-over” version of liposuction. She’s probably got some Spanx on under that dress, but she’s not fooling anyone.  We know she could use some liposuction on her tummy, hips, thighs and arms.  She would be referred to as a “high-volume” liposuction case, and with that esteemed status comes a few more risks than Gaga and Halle would have to endure.  Kelly’s surgery would need to be done in a hospital or accredited surgical center so she could be appropriately monitored. Given the volume of fat that would be liposuctioned, she would need to be well-hydrated to maintain good electrolyte balance, and she would need to be under general anesthesia to be comfortable.  Halle and Gaga could have their operations done in the office setting with just local anesthesia. Kelly would have more bruising and swelling, and her recovery time would be longer.  She would be out of work for about a week or two, and she would have to wear a compression garment for about 6 weeks to make sure her skin heals without any lumps and bumps. That being said, I’m sure Kelly would be in love with her new bod after she recovered.

There’s a reason why liposuction is the second most popular procedure in the United States, right behind breast augmentation.

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