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Real Housewife Kelly Bensimon is White Hot on the Beach!

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Summer’s coming, maybe a little faster than those of us trying to lose a few pounds would like! We should all post this smokin hot picture of Real Housewives of NYC’s Kelly Bensimon on our fridge, because I can’t think of better motivation to eat right, exercise, or even head to my nearest Plastic Surgeon!

Kelly, how do you do it? As a woman-of-a-certain-age, with 2 kids, and a  crazy busy schedule, you prove that there are no excuses for not looking your best!  We don’t know if you did this alone, or if you had a little nip and tuck, but honestly, we don’t care. You look fantastic! Your hot bod is going to heat up the Hamptons all summer long!

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Photo Credit: DailyNews

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Kate Hudson: Did she or didn’t she?

When Lisa Rinna was asked about Kate Hudson’s alleged breast augmentation, she said “it’s nobody’s business”, and “everyone needs to do whatever they need to do to make themselves feel good”.  Supermodel Paulina Porizkova had a totally different take on the matter and said that she’s “heartbroken” over Kate’s decision to get breast implants… a little dramatic aren’t you Paulina??

Tell us what you think!  Did she or didn’t she?

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Photo Credit: USWeekly

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