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Shawn Southwick-King’s Fab Face… Larry’s reason for putting a hold on the divorce?

Larry King’s lawyer recently announced that the divorce proceedings with his 7th wife, Shawn Southwick-King, are “on hold” as the couple may be working through their issues. Could one of those “issues” be that Shawn looks fantastic for 50?!?

Larry King's Wife : Shawn King : Celebrity cosmetic surgery : facelift


Her skin is flawless, she’s got gorgeous high cheekbones, a blinding white smile, and a better neck and jawline than a 28 year old! Has she had work done?  Probably. Her well-defined jaw and slender sexy neck aren’t that common in women her age, at least not to this amazing extent. Another clue to the possibility of plastic surgery is her heart-shaped face with plenty of volume in the cheekbone area. As we age, the fullness in this area gradually settles and sags, and our faces become more square. Shawn still has the shape and volume that you normally see in much younger women.

If she had a facelift, good for her… she looks amazing!  And her surgeon did a fantastic job.  She looks very natural, and quite beautiful. If she didn’t, she’s a genetic freak that we should all be jealous of 🙂

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