Sharon Osbourne Wants to Turn Her Breast Implants into Paperweights

Sharon Osbourne Celebrity cosmetic surgery breast augmentation breast implants


On the Today Show this past Monday, Sharon Osbourne, the wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, said that her breast implants are “awful” and would “look better on Ozzy’s desk”! She is planning on having her 34DD chest downsized soon.  I think Sharon should have a talk with Heidi “The Hills” Montag

ps… Sharon, your implants are definitely too big, but your facelift looks great!

Photo credit: UsWeekly

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One response to “Sharon Osbourne Wants to Turn Her Breast Implants into Paperweights

  1. @BryanConover ^If a woman is in pain and this surgery is nsercsaey to rectify the problem, of course she should have it! These surgeries are one of the most popular because it takes away many problems with really only one disadvantage (as you so kindly pointed out). In fact, last year alone had 100,000 breast reductions nation-wide.I’m getting the surgery this summer and can’t wait for the pain to end! If my husband wants me to bitch and moan , then I wouldn’t stand for it personally.

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