Botox For a More Feminine Jawline

A strong jawline is one of the most noticeable, and most attractive, facial features. A well defined jaw gives the appearance of strength, confidence, and elegance, but only if it is harmony with the rest of the face.  Jawbones that are out of proportion can be very masculinizing, which is obviously not what a woman wants to see when she looks in the mirror every day.

Bethenney Frankel : Reese Witherspoon : Manly Jaws : Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery


Take these two ladies… Bethenny Frankel, famous New York Housewife, and Reese Witherspoon, one of our fav sweetheart actresses. Both are very beautiful women, but they have the same standout feature: their manly jaws (and chin in Reese’s case). Their overdeveloped jawlines give their faces a very square shape, and take away just a touch of that beautiful feminine appeal that you find in women with smaller, more delicate, jawbones.

So, what can a girl do if she’s got a manly jaw?

#1  Botox

Kelly and Bethenny : The Housewives of New York City


Because enlarged jaw muscles (the main one is called the Masseter) can contribute to a masculine jaw, particularly at the angle of the jawbone (called the mandible), the paralyzing effect of Botox can sometimes allow the muscle to shrink, which creates a more feminine contour. You’ll also notice big jaw muscles in weight lifters and athletes who are constantly straining and gritting their teeth, just like Bethenny does whenever Kelly’s around 🙂

#2  Jaw Reduction Surgery

Since many manly jaws have two enlarged components (muscle and bone), Botox may not make much of a difference. When this is the case, it might be necessary to make the muscle thinner and shave away a little of the enlarged bone to create a more feminine look.  This can be done through incisions inside the mouth, so there are no visible scars. A procedure like this takes about an hour, and can make a jaw dropping difference!

#3 Chin Reduction Surgery

When you look at Reese, you notice the square shape of her face right away, but you also notice her very prominent chin. Because the muscles in this area are very small (unlike the Masseter which can be very thick), the bone is usually problem. Again, through incisions inside the mouth, the bone can be reduced by shaving it away, or by moving a piece of it backwards. Regardless of which technique is used, it’s also a quick ambulatory procedure.

Hopefully Bethenny’s new baby will allow her to relax those jaw muscles a little, but if not, at least she’s got plenty of options!  Congratulations B… You and Jason look fabulously happy together!

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