The Brazilian Butt Lift and 4 Other Ways to Say Yes to “Crack”

Kim kardashian : Booty : Butt Implants : Butt LiftOur parents and teachers always taught us to say no to crack, but what if it starts with a “K” and belongs to Kim? There’s no doubt that Kim Kardashian has one of the most bodacious booty’s of all time, so much so that she was recently spotted busting out of her bikini bottom on the beach! So, if you’re interested in how you can get a Kardashi-ass, here are the Top 5 ways to say yes to “Krack”.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The BBL is a surgical procedure in which fat is liposuctioned from anywhere you’ve got it, and then injected directly into your booty. It’s a great procedure, but there’s just one problem… you have to be pretty chubby for there to be enough fat to make a real difference. Some surgeons tell their patients to gain weight to become candidates, but get real! Do you really think you’re going to be happy getting chunky to get a better bottom?!?  If you happen to have a lot of fat in one place, and the rest of their body looks great, then you might be a candidate for Brazilian booty surgery. If not, cross it off your list.

Booty Implants

Butt Implants have been “frowned upon” by many plastic surgeons over the years because of the high rate of complications. But now that implant technology is improving, and that more surgeons are opening up to the idea again, there has been a recent resurgence in the number of butt implant procedures performed in US. This procedure can really make a booty-licious difference if it’s done well, but make sure you know what you’re getting into before you run off to find a doc. There still is a higher chance of having a complication, like an infection or implant extrusion, than there is in breast implant surgery. The fact that you sit and lie on your bum for long portions of the day means that it’s a more difficult place to heal after surgery, and that’s the main reason why the complication rate is higher. Butt implants are usually put in through small incisions at the top of you rump where that little triangle of your thong bikini would sit.  The scars are pretty small, but they are definitely visible from behind, which might be more important to some of you depending on your favorite… oh, wait… that’s a different article 🙂

Booty Injections

DO NOT… I repeat… DO NOT let anyone inject anything into your booty! Unless you are getting the real-deal Brazilian Butt Lift, injecting anything in your rear is a BAD idea.  Some of the worst complications, including death, have been reported from butt-enhancing silicone injections.  Most of these awful procedures are done outside of the US, but it’s surprisingly easy to find someone who offers it here too. Lumps, bumps, infections, allergic reactions, silicone emboli, respiratory distress… the list goes on and on. Don’t do it!

Booty Workouts

The gluteus “beautius” maximus muscles are the strongest muscles in the human body, and if you work them out they’ll grow just like any other muscle. Lunges, squats, kickboxing, and those horribly painful butt machines at the gym are all great ways to increase your booty profile if you devote some serious time to them. Even the genetic freak, Kim Kardashi-ass,  has her own butt workout video called Fit in Your Jeans by Friday.  Here’s a video of the “tush push” move that she coined.

Booty Genes (Not “Jeans”)

Have you heard the saying “Shake what yo’ mama gave you”?  Well, if yo’ mama didn’t give it you, you ain’t gonna be shakin’ it 🙂  It’s as simple as that. Genetics play a huge roll in every part of our bodies, and the booty is no exception. Unfortunately, the next time anyone sees a booty like Kim’s might be when her future daughter grows up.

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